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Frequently Asked Questions

Duchess Aesthetics is a masters qualified cosmetic injector in Melbourne

Will I look fake?


Our aim at Duchess is to always provide natural results. We strive to enhance our patient’s natural beauty, and to create a 'fresh' look, as opposed to a 'fake' one.


Unnatural outcomes usually result from high volumes of filler, combined with a poor injecting technique. We will always work with you to achieve your individual aesthetic goals, and will never over-prescribe. And with Kelly leading the way with 10 years of experience as a Nurse Practitioner, you are in safe hands with our injecting techniques!

Will I be frozen?

At Duchess, we take the time to discuss your aesthetic goals with you.  Many patients are very apprehensive at the prospect of being completely frozen.  Our aim is to provide you with the treatment outcomes that you want, and we are sure that you will love our anti-wrinkle treatments as much as we do!

Will it hurt?

The majority of treatments involve injections, so there is some mild discomfort.  A local anaesthetic or a topical cream can be used for some treatments.

Why do prices vary so widely between clinics?

Prices vary due to multiple factors. 


Some clinics are staffed with junior injectors with little to no experience or qualifications.   


Kelly and her team pride themselves on providing the safest, most up to date techniques.  We are advocates for continuous professional development, and regularly attend conferences, workshops and training events. 


We also employ the support of a medical mentor – a leading cosmetic physician.


All injectable products used at Duchess are TGA approved, purchased directly from the supplier. This means that all our beautiful Duchess patients can be assured that they are receiving the safest possible injectable treatment, using genuine products.

More questions?

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